With over 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience, we develop a Marketing Strategy to spearhead your Sales campaigns in the local market by Marketing your Products to create a credible and professional Brand image.

Our Sales and Marketing expertise covers the following basic Topics;

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales KPI
  • Customer Relations Management

Marketing Research

We analyze every aspect of the Market to ensure your Products reach the attention of every possible Consumer. Our Marketing research strategy is very diverse, solid and above all, designed to produce accurate information, so that together, we can evaluate the Development and expansion potential of each Product/Service introduced to the general Consumer market.

Marketing Strategy

Successful Marketing strategy is the fundamental support and strength of Marketing plans that are designed to meet market expectations and achieve key Marketing objectives, effectively and rapidly.

Our Marketing strategy involves careful scanning of the internal and external environments. Internal Environmental factors may include Marketing mix modeling, plus performance analysis and strategic limitations. External Environmental factors consider Customer analysis, Competitor analysis, Target market analysis, as well as an evaluation of the Technological, Economic, Cultural, Political or Legal factors likely to impact success.

A key component of our Marketing strategy is often to keep Marketing in line with a Company’s overriding mission statement. We build a unique Marketing strategy for your Company and provide effective communication with your Potential and Existing customers to increase your overall Sales revenue.

Sales/Sales KPI

Marketing and sales differ greatly, but have the same ultimate goal. Sales is the final stage in Marketing, together with successful Pricing, Promotion, Targeting and obviously, good Product. Brightman’s Marketing Department goals are to increase the Desirability and Value of their Clients Products, which can only lead to enhanced Sales and an increase in Customer engagement with your Company, successfully building your Brand image.

Our Sales Division aims to improve the interaction between the Target Customer and your Companies Sales Team. Sales Management serves to break down the selling process and at the same time increase the effectiveness of Sales Techniques directed at your Customer, increasing Product Turnover.  It requires a deep collaboration between Sales and Marketing.

Effective Market analysis that defines both the positive and negative aspects of various Sales Techniques can only serve to continuously improve the Value of a Product and allow your Company to take advantage of Sales opportunities as they develop in the Market place.

We can help build your Sales direction and ensure key Sales KPI are kept tightly under control to achieve the maximum Sales Targets for your Company.

Customer Relations Management

Our (CRM) is a successful model for managing the interface between your current and future Customers. It involves using Technology to organize, automate, and synchronize Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Technical support. It is an integrated system, which involves the Manufacturer, Vendor, Retailer and the Customer. We build a reliable CRM system that will encompass all Stakeholder interests.