Our Business Unit Management Division specializes in:

  • Business Unit Management and Quality Solutions
  • Quality Standards according to ISO 9001
  • Policy and Procedures, Drafting, Implementation and Training
  • Document Flow and Control Processes
  • Contract Management Solutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Internal Audit (Strategies and Modeling)

We apply Our Business Management tools to establish and/or modify the Business Units throughout Companies, Organizations and their Stakeholders. We are experts in Developing and Modifying the working systems of Core Units at each level of your Business, i.e. ;

  • Supply Chain,
  • Administration,
  • Human Resources,
  • HSEQ,
  • Business Development and Strategic Planning,
  • Finance – Budgeting and Common Practices,
  • ERP.

Our main objective is to deliver International Standards to your Business Units and increase their overall Production and Sales Volumes, by advising the most sensible Business Solutions that best meet the Working Practices of your Company.