Our Business support services are designed to assist your Company to navigate through the Azerbaijani Business Environment and covers:

  • Licensing
  • Work Permit/Temporary Residence Permit Solutions
  • Housing for Expatriate Staff
  • Property/Asset Management
  • First Class Translation Services

We have developed our own strategy in Directing, Managing and Processing Business Support Services for small, medium and large Companies with many varied and diverse Portfolios within the Republic of Azerbaijan.


By suggesting this Marketing Tool, we are able to assist your Operations allowing you to focus on your Key Target areas. Our Licensing Department specializes in;

  • Environmental Permits
  • Ecological Consultancy
  • Construction Permits
  • Mining Operations, Permits, Management, Tendering, Procurement
  • Organization Building and Management of Change (M.O.C.)
  • Land Allotment and Permits
  • Work Permit/Temporary Residence Permits

The Migration Rules and Regulations have changed in Azerbaijan over the past few years. We know that we can be of assistance in providing up-to-date Data, almost exactly as it becomes a Statutory Law.

First we study the case in detail and inspect the Documentation provided by the Client. We then ensure that the Client possesses all the necessary Paperwork to comply with Government Regulations prior to applying for WP/TRP (Work Permit/Temporary Residence Permit) for their newly recruited expatriate employees.
Only then do we make Formal applications to Government Departments
Accumulation of Documents
Again we ensure that all the Documents required by the State Migration Service Office are assembled, checked and authenticated by the Local Authorities and specialists prior to their submission. We comply with all the Formal requirements the State Migration Service Office has established within the current legislative framework
Crisis Management
We also provide assistance for complicated situations, i.e. expired submission deadlines or additional paperwork required by the Authorities etc.
We closely monitor and inform the Client as necessary, on the Expiration dates of WP/TRPs’ and coordinate any actions required to validate the existing WP/TRP applications.

Property/Asset Management

Housing is one of the main areas of concern for any Company, consuming Time, Administration and Expense – all of which are often not directly related to their core Business interests and goals.
We can provide you with the best Apartments, Houses and Offices within the Company budget throughout Baku. We can offer you Property in Central and convenient locations, with secure and clean environment with modern Appliances and High quality Furniture and Fittings. We take care of all your Maintenance/Utility Bills/Cleaning/Relocation/Administration etc.
We also manage all Phases of Project Development from Conceptual Design, Interior & Exterior Design, Fabrication, Building Construction & Conversion, Installation and subsequent Maintenance.
BRIGHTMAN’s experience in Property Management lies specifically in the following Areas;

  • Residential/Commercial/Agricultural Property
  • & Land Negotiation & Acquisition
  • Building Design & Development/Re-Development
  • Property Market Analysis & Sales
  • Property Market Valuations
  • Property Management & Maintenance


Only experienced Specialists trained to the highest Linguistic standards are tasked with our Translation services. This ensures that any Document is Translated correctly to match all the complexities of the native language in question.
We are Experts in providing Top Quality Translations in the following Commercial Activities and Operations;

  • Technical and/or Specialized Oil and Gas Industries/
  • Mining/Telecommunications/ Construction/
  • Economic /Judicial/ Literature
  • We offer translations in two combinations:
  • Azerbaijani-to-English or English-to-Azerbaijani.