Our International Category Department is proud to offer world class consulting services in the area of Functional Analysis and Restructuring of Institutions and Organizations acting based on JV with world known Consulting Company Koetz Partners International (KPI). Our core focus points are:

  • Company Re-organization, especially Cost-cutting procedures as follows;
  • Designing the Organizational Structures that best support your
  • Company strategies and objectives
  • Reducing cost by streamlining your internal working methods and structures
  • Ensuring that business processes run safely, smoothly and cost efficiently
  • Improving Customer care, quality and satisfaction
  • Increasing the capacity of the Company Administrative apparatus and optimize the delivery of public services to the end Customer

Human Resources Development

  • Design of strategy-based organizational structures
  • Human resources development
  • Training

Financial Controlling, Financial Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Business Process Management and Process Design
  • Quality Management
  • Financial Management systems and control
  • Administrative Reform Issues, Capacity Building

Political Consultancy, International Comparison / Best Practice Analysis, Political Risk Analysis, Government-to-Citizen

  • Communication concepts
  • Political consultancy services
  • Government-to-Citizen communication
  • International best practice analysis
  • Functional Analysis
  • Capacity building
  • Citizen services design – citizen charter
  • Single window and one-stop-shopping systems
  • Human resources development
  • Training for civil servants
  • Budget planning
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Training for Civil Servants (Management Topics, Financial Topics, Communication with Citizens, Tailor- made Seminars for specific topics)

  • Management Topics
  • Financial Topics
  • Tailor-made Seminars